Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Demise of Guys - a Response

So what do you think? Is the internet  birthing and programming a generation of boys to men to be emotional dunces? Is this why we wonder where all the "good" men are. But it's not about good men though is it really? It's about fully rounded men, functioning at their optimum as men. Those who have been integrated with all parts of themselves, that have been nurtured by a less flat screened world. It's not just about the hard edges of HD, but about the soft line of analogue, the slight straining of the eyes to try and make things out by filling in the gaps with the imagination. No, what the 'arousal addictive' world of the internet provides them with is shoot 'em up fully waxed and shaved, full frontal, in out flesh fests that have nothing to do with contacting the intimate part within that reaches out to connect and vibe with intimate realms and nuances of others. No wonder our young boys don't have the articulation to be 'nice' to girls.