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This blog is a testament to the journey to Womanhood, to self-actualisation and a tribute to the Feminine Element. It was inspired by the recent reuniting of my Mother to her own Mother after 60 years. When we did find her and the my mothers siblings, my 4 Aunts and  2 Uncles, plus an entourage of cousins and 2nd cousins, I discovered the traits of the women in our family are incredibly strong. My personal favourite post on this blog so far is "If You Want To Understand A Woman..." -  check out her Mum!

Some of the stories you will find here have been written, recorded and performed by me, Zena Edwards, some are chosen from those I admire and have brought me to a  more complete place of Love and Self-Respect. Some of these stories are work included in the next one woman show - an extended  multi-platform docu-poem - going by the same title as the blog. You are helping to bring the show into being by reading this blog, by adding comments and contributing to the forums.

Questions we will have to ask ourselves , as women, at some point, will include: How do I move through this life being my Complete Self while I wade through stereo-types of womanhood and carry the weight of all the labels forced upon me? How do I Love me as I am, with my small titties, my weight, my wrinkling skin, my not so "perfect" body shape? How do I manoeuvre my smart, assertive, strong willed Self though a myriad of accusations of being aggressive, insecure, difficult, a door- mat or high maintenance?  How does a girl child get to grow progressively and healthily into her sexuality?  Our Sexual Power has been set upon like wolves set upon lambs. I am yet to understand why we are considered such a  threat. 

Well, through this blog  and with the help from comments from readers We might be able to reach an answer we can understand and then make the right moves to address the balance. Yes, I believe it lays at our feet to do some re-educating, supporting each other and bringing in those guy friends who get it, who are just as sick of the imbalance as we are.
Let the Quest commence.

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