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My radar is locked on homing in on challenges and celebration at every turn. All my poetry is more than ever deliberately written from a female perspective. What was doing before you ask? Prior to vowing to a life of Travel Light', I had committed myself to being a human being first and an artist second. Now my aim is to be a woman second then the artist third. The colour of my skin and my culture are  naturally infused in this thought process in varying degrees, socially, politiacally and emotionally, but this fundamental paradigm shift in my perspective has made a huge difference to how I view the world and, in turn, how I process it creatively.
As part of the research and development phase of  TL, I have the opportunity to work with women artists from Nigeria, Iran, the Caribbean, South Africa and the Netherlands, thus enhancing the global story of Womanhood.

Other research
Bookings -  

Book Recommendations
  • The Read Tent - Anne Diamante
  • Still Brave - The Evolution of Black Women's Studies - Joy James (Contributor), 
  • Angela Davis (Contributor), Audre Lorde (Contributor), Beverly Guy-Sheftall (Editor), 
  • Frances Smith Foster (Editor), and Stanlie M. James (Editor) 
  • Full Frontal Feminism -  A Young Woman's Guide to Why Feminism Matters - Jessica Valenti
  • I love Myself when I;m Laughing - Zora Neale Hurston
  • Women Who Run With Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype - Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • Word Warriors, 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Revolution
  • Verses - Ani DiFranco

The writing the autobiographical story is a challenging development for me as my previous show "Security"  was all character driven with me playing  5 character, predomniently male, with complex stories of the streets London.
Since undertaking of Travelling Light, my conversations with women have taken on an altogether different meaning and I derive more depth of connection with shared expereinces and ways of being that contain solutions and celebratory elements of being a woman.
As I continue to write also, the relevance on my Afri- Caribbean heritage and leagcy combined with a UK experince, reveal a unique diaspora experience  of a "Black British"  female. 

85% of my work is now geared towards the themes, issues, and stories related to the exploration of the subtleties and complexities of womanhood in the 21st century. The poems attempt to tackle the inner world of women and breathe creative life into stagnant, difficult and triumphant themes and embrace the contemporary, historical, ancient, spiritual and mythological contexts where these stories are found and thrive.  Read and listen to some of the TL poerty.

All posts on the Travelling Light blog have helped steer the contemporary research of the project. They have been thoughtfully written into the show in a way that highlights the impact of the banal and the life threatening events which ordinary women encounter in everyday life - personal journal encounters such as "Two Girls walk Into a Veggie Shop" to the heavily political "Slut Walk London" raising awareness to end violence against women. 
It is a blog that aims not to bare light on 'woman as victim' but to unpack, expose, air and eventually reveal solutions and ways forward in the process of womens empowerment and greater understanding of gender roles in this day and age when the relationships between the genders and the existing shades between that hrave been blurred and are in dire need of re-definition for the next century or so. I do not  profess to provide answers. I only wish to provide a stimulus and platform  to aid the process with a show like Travelling Light

 This year Travelling Light will be going to The Arts Council Decibel Showcase. I will be pitching to international delegates for production support for a 2012 tour. Any interested in finding out more information on supporting the project please contact email

Travelling Light will be going to Canada's Fem Festival in Winnepeg in September of this year. I'll be visiting as a resident artist giving seminars and workshops on  the show and the process of making a project with the theme of womanhood.

Travelling Light has a portion of its research & development phase supported by UK Arts International and the British Council. 

Beyonce workshops - Beyonce's 'Run the World' video sessions  take a deep look at the themes, issues and controversy that surrounds Beyonce's video since its release.
The Unpacking Sessions Through exciting discussion and debate, journal writing,  photography, drawing and scrap-boarding, participants creatively unpack the  baggage around the gender of Woman. in the 21st century.

Through all these processes, I have come to understand that Travelling Light is a not only a  professional venture but is also a life changing experience  which continues to reveal valuable knowledge and tradition of the future.