Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 Beyonce? Am i bovvered? Seriously?

As the most strong-minded and beautiful business woman and Artist of 
colour in mainstream media (after Oprah),who makes highly consumable 
music and is rockinga blond weave, why should we care? Breaking down 
the Girls Run the World vid,we'll examine why the love/hate debate rages on.


On Tuesday, July 19, Zena Edwards, a renown spoken word artist, singer, playwright and actress invites you to take part in a critical discussion surrounding Beyonce's 'Run the World' video. This session will take a deep look at the themes, issues and controversy that has been surrounding Beyonce's video since its release.

Topics/issues covered in this session will include:
*Beyonce - a voice for strong women? 
*How do women of all ages connect with Sis B?
*Images of the men in the video
*Sexuality and empowerment
*Popular culture and role models
*Mainstream media representations vs the individuals reality
*and much more......

Date:  Tuesday 19th July

Time:  5:00pm - 8:00pm
Venue: Apartment 10 Cubitt Building, Gatliff Road,
            London, SW1W 8QL

Hot food will be provided at this session.

This event is first come, first served and we only have a capacity of 20 people! If you wish to come to this event please email base@octaviafoundation.org​.uk with your name and contact number.

Nearest tube stations are: Pimlico, Sloane Square and Victoria.
Buses: 44, 452, 137, 360.
For those of you coming from Ladbroke Grove the easiest route is to get the 452 bus (from outside Ladbroke Grove tube station) which will drop you right outside the building. Please get off the bus at Lister Hospital. The best entrance is the first left around the corner on Grovesnor Road (down the stairs) We are the bottom corner of the building near the road, and the pation doors should be open so you won't miss us! Please feel free to call or text if you need directions or are lost!

For those of you who may require a map please email base@octaviafoundation.org​.uk.

Watch the Run the World Video

Watch the trailer.

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