Tuesday, February 22, 2011

As Property Protests - A Poem to the Voice of Shifting Unrest

 image by A.Rafaele Ciriello
They thrashed her within an inch of her life
Told her it would make her a wise woman, a better wife
For this Life was never about her skin that bled woman in the dust
She’d have to wait for the next

There were no floodgates; no bastion could hold her tongue
It sat ripe, ripe for bursting
Marinating in the velvet, thorny seat of her will

Fatima had to snare her trembling agitation
With prayers and bitten lips
She herself, had to hobble her insurgent instinct to express, break it  at the knees
Forcing her Self to kneel at every clock tick,
In every sunbeam
And every crack of light she could find

She’d pray
And she’d pray and pray
The tremor were felt all over the house

The neighbours complained of pictures jumping like lemmings off the walls
And china plates edging themselves off shelves when Fatima prayed
But no one saw it coming

Summoned, the air rushed to where she knelt
The windows got sucked out
The furniture, that clock and the kitchen pots
Flew around the room
How the cheap chandeliers and wall lamps clung
The force of this wind fingered the nails from the floorboards and flung them
Plaster from the walls stripped in great clumps
And the hinges on all the doors strained, creaked then broke

The noise was a thunder of bewildered wildebeest hoof
The roaring crash of water on rock from a 500-foot drop
The sonic boom of silence mercilessly inverted

And the acrid smell of gas and fresh ash woke in her nostril (oesophagus)
The scream incubating all her 21 years

Fatima had seen enough to know that
If her jaw dropped and lower
If her throat opened any wider
If her lungs drew the breath that would complete their involuntary mission
She knew her reflex
Would be Revolution.

As Property Protests
Inspired by an image of a woman in Afganistan
©Zena Edwards

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marcina arnold said...

Yes this definately resounds esp after just returning from the Middle east and one is faced with breath taking paradox and hypocrisy in a very visual way!
We have learnt to choose i wonder even still at the first feeling i had when wearing a bra ( i hated it)!
Or like cofee the same thing, i have learnt to love many things because i spose im one of those love to love types!!
keep em coming x ma