Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Is My Body Campaign

I'm not usually one for melo-dramatic or artsy understated videos, campaign posters and adverts about Womanhood, Feminism or "girl power". Many that were born in the 80's, that stomped and charted in the 90's and stumbled around in the 00's are twee, outdated, over-sexualised and are echos of throwback memes and slogans from an aggressive man-bashing era. It so happens that they became rooted in societal discourse and debate around women's rights but are often twisted and turned against women to justify some men's sexist behaviour. It manifests in name calling - "dyke, frigid, bitch, man-hater, lezzzzzbian!(said viciously). Women have been scorned for their failure to build on the Feminist movement from previous eras of suffragette-ism but someone who is really paying attention will know there are many who are struggling to be heard building on the shoulders of women who have gone before. More on that in a later post.

Slogans, declarations and declamations pro-women have their rightful place in the history of Women's Struggle for equality and they draw attention to women's issues in the west, and since the US Republican Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment, I am seeing the war the on women's bodies though my Amplified-Goggles. I can hear it LOUD and clear.
Women's bodies have so much clout. They are heavyweight pieces in the
political chess game, along with race, healthcare and pensions. Interestingly enough, it is the Queen piece on a chess board that can do the most damage, moving freely around the board cleaning up the carnage and wreaking her own in the lines of defense of her opponent. They stand on the front line. It actually makes sense then, not to piss her off. It makes more sense to have her openly onside. It makes sense to support her in her struggle to be freed from archaic schools of thought that shackle women to bloated and distorted notions of sex and sexuality, and to outdated nonsensical beliefs of a woman's role in society that have effectively seen millions of women psychologically and physically abused and murdered through out history. It's as if women's "real" life experiences are part of the imagined theatrical back drop to the fantasy of some deluded men.

This is a crude summing up I make, I know, but when I think about the anti-abortion campaign raging in the United States right now,  I am grateful it is not a card that has yet to be used to trump in the UK. Will it ever? I don't know. It depends on how grown-up the UK governmental system regards itself now, and in the future to protect itself and it's citizens from having to deal with dark age ideologies around Womanhood.
All that said, I felt this video gives a good representation of women sentiments right now in the US. I needed to share it.


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